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            About us

            Domestic Business:18765127718

            International Business:15266071783

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            Business Mailbox:jnzhang@winabattery.com

            Add: Taiqi New Power Industry Park, Shouguang, Shandong, China

            Company information

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            Shandong Wina Green Power Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2006, located at East City Industrial Park,Shouguang,Shandong,China. With one hundred and thirty seven million two hundred thousand yuan registered capital, 334Thousand sq.m covering areas, WINA is a high-tech enterprises specializing in R&D, production and sales of the lithium-ion power battery, motor drive system, BMS battery management system, lithium ion anode and cathode materials, diaphragm, etc. The mainly professional product is lithium ion battery. The output and comprehensive strength of WINA is on the top place inShandongProvince, WINA battery won "Shandong famous brand" honorary title.

            There are 71 professional scientific research members in the company, including external academicians 2 persons, external expert member 1 person, experts introduced from internal and external universities and institutes 22 persons, senior engineering and technical personnel (including Doctoral Candidate and Master Degree Candidate) 46 persons. In the last two years, WINA continues increasing the R&D investment and purchased the most advanced battery test equipment, such as electrochemical workstation, Karl Fischer moisture tester, laser particle size analyzer, to improve the R&D level.

             The company pays attention to collaborative research with universities and research institutes and established a close cooperative relations with the Chemical Institute in Chinese Academy of Sciences (battery positive and negative electrode materials R & D), Green Power Institute in Chinese Academy of Sciences(diaphragm materials R & D), Shandong University of Technology (motor drive system and vehicle development), Qingdao University(vehicle and BMS R&D), Shandong University of Science and Technology (mine electric transportation equipment R & D), China Nonferrous Metal Research Institute (lithium ion power battery material) etc. The company hired a number of domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars to carry out technical cooperation research and development and improve the technology level of the products.

            The company established a "Shandong Wina Green Power Academician Workstation" and cooperate with academician Wan Lijun (incumbent president of University of science and technology of China) and his team from the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for the Prospective development and research of lithium battery materials and industrialization.The performance of LiFePO4 battery using this material achieve a great breakthrough, it could release more than 90% of the rated capacity at -40℃,  the technology reaches the top level in the world. The "low temperature lithium iron phosphate ion power battery" has been identified as the international advanced result by numbers of academicians and experts unanimously on the Results Identification meeting sponsored by Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department holded in Apr,2013.

             In addition, with the cooperation with  Chinese Academy of Sciences Qingdao Energy and Process Institute, WINA developed a new advanced high safe composite seperator material after cooperative development and production. This new material has many advantages, such as low cost, high safety, and high energy performance, especially its heat-resistant temperature exceed 200 degrees Celsius. It can operate safely in the extreme conditions, completely meet the power battery requirement, significantly improve the safety performance and reduce the cost.

            By the end of 2014, the company completed the second phase of expansion, the production capacity reaches 300,000,000Ah per year after expanding. The new plant covering 32,000 square meters, the new laboratory cover 6,800 square meters. The company added 1400 sets equipment and 200 sets more testing equipment. WINA also built 4 automatic production lines for assembling battery module and battery pack to achieve the top level in China.

            In 2015, the company starts a project of “the recycling and comprehensive utilization of lithium-ion power battery”. The professional Li ion battery recycling processing and comprehensive utilization project, which is rare in domestic, will have exemplary and driving effect in the field in China.

            The lithium ion power battery produced by WINA established a long-term relationship with Shanghai Sunwin, FAW, Zhongtong, Zotye, Yixing, Fukuda OHui and many other well-known enterprises, and exported to Europe, and America.

            The new energy industry as the national strategic emerging industries in "12th Five Year Plan", has been cultivated and supported by the government with great efforts. WINA will seize the the opportunity and continue increasing investment in scientific research to further improve the quality of products, all-round develop the new energy products, to make the new energy industry stronger and wider. The company have make great contribution in the industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

            1. WINA has provincial R&D platform

            * Shandong Wina Green Power Technology Co., Ltd. Academicians Workstation

            * New energy automotive lithium  ion  power batteryInnovationDemonstrationParkinShouguang,Shandong.

            *Shandongpower battery and energy storage system engineering technology research center

            *Qingdaopower integration and energy storage system engineering technology research center.

            2. WINA undertakes the national new energy automotive industry technology innovation projects

            In 2012, WINA have been successfully selected as one of the eight power battery enterprises, supported by China Government in the "new energy automobile power battery industry technology innovation project" of Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Trust, Ministry of Science and Technology, was taken in the range of "national new energy automobile industry technology innovation project" supported with financial incentive funds.

            3. WINA undertake the national "863" program (2 projects in doing, 3 projects have been completed)

            * Based on the key technology and demonstration of the energy storage lithium ion  battery made with soft carbon cathode material (SS2014AA052303)

            * Study the matching technology on the process engineering of the whole industry chain of Li ion battery with the positive and negative pole (2012AA110407)

            * High performance nickel metal hydride power battery and electric bus application assessment (SS2012AA110305)

            * Research and Development of lithium-ion battery system for electric vehicles (200910207002)

            * Research on the technology of the lithium-ion power battery system for electric vehicles  (2008AA11A1003)

            4. WINA undertake the national science and technology support program  ( 1 program )

            Based on the key technology and application about the lithium ion power battery with the new high security separator

            5. Scientific and technological achievements of WINA

              * Research and Development of low temperature lithium iron ion power battery (international advanced technology level)

              * The research and Development of the management system of the lithium battery for e-car, and the scale production

              * The development and application of lithium power battery system for electric vehicle.

              * Development of the Lithium battery technology  for pure electric passenger car.

             6. Patents of WINA

             The company now has authorized and accepting21 patents or patents.

             7. Rewards of WINA

             *ChinaNonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Award

             * “China Federation of industry and commerce science and technology progress award” second prize.

             *ShandongProvinceResearch (Industrial Design) Exhibition and Negotiation Bronze Award.

             8. Six core technologies of WINA

             * Ultra low temperature LFP battery technology

             * System rapid assembly technology

             * Pack security simulation technology

             *Battery, pack new product rapid development technology  

             *Batteryand pack heat system management technology

             * BMS control technology