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            About us

            Domestic Business:18765127718

            International Business:15266071783

            After-Sale Service:15163602093

            Human Resources:18953651612

            Business Mailbox:jnzhang@winabattery.com

            Add: Taiqi New Power Industry Park, Shouguang, Shandong, China

            Company Culture

            Home >> About us >> Company Culture


            Corporate Mission:

                 Produce Green Products, Build Green Homes

            Corporate Philosophy:

                Take Science and Technology as Power, Survive on Quality

            Corporate Values:

                 Realistic and pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising

            Corporate Codes of Conduct:

                Good Faith is basic; Innovation is soul.

            Corporate Style:

                Be Honest, Do Best.

            Corporate Spirit:

                 Be Positive, Never Give Up