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            International Business

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            International Business:15266071783

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            Business Mailbox:jnzhang@winabattery.com

            Add: Taiqi New Power Industry Park, Shouguang, Shandong, China

            International Trading

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            Wina North American Technology Co., Ltd was establish on 2015 June in Toronto. The major functions of Wina will be, to export the lithium battery to the oversea countries as the only authorized company of Shandong Wina Green Power Technology Co., Ltd, and to import the advance technology. WinaNorth American Technologyis focusing on developing American market and work on promoting the products and solutions globally; establish a stable sales channels to provide customers a fully support service.

            Wina North American Technology Co., Ltd has strong sales team, advertising team, research team and administration team.


            The main products of Wina includes: variety models of LiFePO4 and NMC lithium-ion battery, BMS integration, E-vehicles, and etc. Wina also provides with different kinds energy storage solutions, such as off/on grid solar solution; many end-user applications like UPS power, family storage device and CESS megawatt level container storage, e-forklift battery pack and etc.


            In the spirit of advancing with the times, Wina North American Technology actively participant into the joint R&D with local research intuitions, as long as building the Elecwin R&D Centre, Wina also established the long term research partnership relation with University of Waterloo, York University, and University of Ontario Institute of Technology. With all the efforts and hard-working, Wina has achieved success in many projects in North America. Furthermore, Wina is aiming to delivery its products and solutions into South America, Middle East and other overseas markets.


            WINA Overseas Sales Outlets:



            Country: Toronto, Canada

            Address: 117 - 7225 Woodbine Avenue, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1A3, Canada

            Tel:  +1 647-847-2391

            Direct Dial from China: 95040591676

            Email: winacanada@winabattery.com