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            International Business

            Domestic Business:18765127718

            International Business:15266071783

            After-Sale Service:15163602093

            Human Resources:18953651612

            Business Mailbox:jnzhang@winabattery.com

            Add: Taiqi New Power Industry Park, Shouguang, Shandong, China

            International Cooperation

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            e have established an all-around cooperation with German Fraunhofer institute for applied research association for the advancement of Fraunhofer IPK (Production equipment and structure technology institute) and Germany’s RWTH Aachen University to optimize the battery structure and improve the management level.

            We have employed Dr Thomas, a German battery expert, as our technical adviser and CTO and have jointly developed several types of LiFePO4 battery fulfilling German industrial standards and to enhance the overall technical capacities and management level by adopting German advanced automotive technology and management skills.

            Currently the company has successfully developed a BEV2 IFP45173125-50Ah lithium ion battery of German Industrial Standard (DIN SPEC 91252). The battery is batch exported to Germany, and applied to the electric logistics trucks of German government supported project.