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            Scientific Research Center

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            Brief Introduction of WINA Power Battery and Energy Storage System Engineering Research Center

                 The main research direction of the Center is the key technology of lithium ion power battery and of energy storage system and their application technology. The research results related to lithium ion single cell, battery module, etc. have obtained 3 provincial science and technology awards, 3 national invention patents. It has participated in 5 national major projects and “863 plan” project, and it’s the platform of the “academician workstation”. The Center was named “Shandong Key Laboratory” and “Weifang Engineering Laboratory”.

                 Wina Green Power engineering technology center has cooperated with academician Wan Lijun (the rector of the University of Science and technology of China) and his team of Chemistry Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences to do prospective research and development and industrialization of lithium battery materials. They have enabled the low temperature performance of LiFePO4 batteries to achieve a major breakthrough, that is, at minus 40 degrees centigrade temperature the LiFePO4 battery can release over 90% of the nominal capacity, which is at the international advanced level. In the Achievements appraisal meeting in April 2013 sponsored by the Shandong Province Science and Technology Office, the result of "low-temperature lithium-ion battery research and development" is unanimously identified as the international advanced by a number of academician experts.

                 In addition, the research center has cooperated with CAS Qingdao Energy and Process Institute to do research and production of lithium battery separator and has developed a new international leading composite separator material, which is characterized as low cost, high security and high storage energy, etc, especially heat-resistant temperature of over 200 degrees Celsius, which can fully meet the requirements of the battery operating under extreme conditions and significantly improve the safety performance of the battery, while reducing battery costs.

                 Through the company's research center in cooperation with science and research institutes, the overall performance of lithium-ion battery has been greatly improved and the battery can successfully implement fast charge-discharge in 10 minutes, with cycle life over 3,000 times and the energy density over 180Wh / kg.