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            Shandong power environmental protection power supply technology co., LTD

            Classification  News    release time:  2021/11/08

            November 20, shandong Thai steam iron lithium high-speed electric implement the European EEC certification, from Italy VTS certification body panels of experts on the Thai steam electric including technical data, the prototype test of review. It is understood that the European EEC certification will be authorized, in January 2015, when the Thai steam electric will become the first domestic get EEC/M1 class certification of the electric car companies in the European Union. 

            Learned, EEC certification is according to the economic commission for Europe (ECE regulations issued in Geneva to sign and implementation of a kind of spare parts for cars and security product approval system. Enterprise products only for European countries the EEC certificate issued by transportation department is sold on the European market. The EEC certification through, will lay foundation for the Thai steam electric bulk exports to the eu in the future.